Replaceable backfill BIRM (28,3l bag)

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Birm® is an efficient and economical media for the reduction of dissolved iron and manganese compounds from raw water supplies. It may be used in either gravity fed or pressurized water treatment systems. Birm acts as an insoluble catalyst to enhance the reaction between dissolved oxygen (D.O.) and the iron compounds.

Under the proper conditions, no chemicals to purchase for maintenance.
Regeneration not required.
Iron removal efficiency is extremely high.
Negligible labor cost: only periodic backwashing required.
Durable material with a long life and wide temperature range.

Color: Black
Bulk Density: 35-40 lbs./cu. ft.
Mesh Size: 12 x 50
Specific Gravity: 2.0 gm/cc
Effective Size: 0.48 mm
Uniformity Coefficient: 2.7