Ion Exchange Resin for Softening and Removing Iron (20kg/maiss) - PC002

80.00 €
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Puresin PC003 is a high-quality, strongly acid gel type cation exchanger on a polystyrene matrix. The resin has a high capacity and uniform particle size distribution. Fine mesh pellet size is smaller than normal. It is produced in Na + and H + forms. Recommended for softening and deionizing water.
Country houses are often supplied with water from a well or well, which may contain a wide range of health-related impurities. PYURESIN PC 003 ion-exchange resin is an effective way to get rid of them. This is a modern solution to the problem of water treatment. The equipment has optimal weight and size characteristics, simplifying installation, and has a large working resource. Therefore, having bought it, you will provide yourself with quality water for a long time. Contact our specialist and he will tell you all about the capabilities of this system and the features of its operation.