Pitcher water purifier Aquaphor Arctic

Resource: 300 l
Volume: 2.8 l
Cleaning speed: 0.2 l / min
Cartridge: A5, included
Colors: White, Light Green, Orchid, Вlue
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Technical descriptions:
  • Meter of resource : is situated on thelid of jug. A meter works each time you move the grate of jug. This method is more reliable than electronic, because has a direct contact with a working surface, but not simply counts off time.

    Deleted contaminations:
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  • Active chlorine 100%,
  • Oil products 95%
  • Phenol 99% Pesticides of 99% 
  • Heavy metals of 99%
  • At the use of the module of В100-6 maintenance of salts of inflexibility goes down to needed.