Pitcher water purifier Aquaphor Arctic

Resource: 300 l
Volume: 2.8 l
Cleaning speed: 0.2 l / min
Cartridge: A5, included
Colors: White, Light Green, Orchid, Вlue
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Now using the filter has become even more convenient. The flip-flop lid simplifies water collection and protects the filter funnel from dust. And finally, a special electronic or mechanical counter built into the jug reminds you that it is time to replace the module. Aquaphor Arctic is equipped with a universal plug-in module A5, but other plug-in Aquaphor modules are also suitable for it:
  • B100 - a universal replaceable module for water;
  • B100-6 - replaceable module for hard water;
  • B100 -7 - retains the original mineral composition of water;
  • B100-8 - replaceable module for chlorinated water;
  • A5 Mg + - replaceable module for mineralization of water. A.
Durable unbreakable plastic free of harmful toxins (BPA-free).

  • Displacement: 2.8 L
  • Funnel volume: 1.5 L
  • Resource: 300 L
Removable contaminants:
  • Active chlorine 100%
  • Oil products 95%
  • Phenol 99%
  • Pesticides 99%
  • Heavy metals 99%