Pitcher water purifier Aquaphor Prestige

Resource: 300 l
Volume: 2.8 l
Cleaning speed: 0.2 l / min
Cartridge: B100-5, included
Colors: dark red, black, blue
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Filtr pitcher Aquaphor Prestige represents the spacious-type water filter jug with soft lines and a universal look. The replacement filter irreversibly reduces harmful substances such as organic compounds, iron, lead, chlorine and removes sediment and odor. 
Capacious and convenient, with its moderate colors, Prestige jug is easy to fill using a slider lid. This feature will be convenient in case the space under the tap is limited. An unique moving lid allows to collect water without the usual opening of lid - it is enough to push the button and put a filter under the stream of water.Aquaphor Pitcher Filters provide crystal clear, deliciously tasting water. Aquaphor Prestige comes complete with removable module A5.
Attēlu rezultāti vaicājumam “BPA free, aquaphor”

All parts of the product are produced of food-grade materials and are BPA-free.​​
Technical descriptions:
  • Pitcher volume: 2.8 l
  • Volume of crater : 1,3 l
  • Pitcher resource: 300 l
Meter of resource : is situated on thelid of jug. A meter works each time you move the grate of jug. This method is more reliable than electronic, because has a direct contact with a working surface, but not simply counts off time.

Deleted contaminations:
  • Active chlorine 100%,
  • Oil products 95%
  • Phenol 99% Pesticides of 99% 
  • Heavy metals of 99%
  • At the use of the module of В100-6 maintenance of salts of inflexibility goes down to needed.