Aquaphor DWM-203 RO

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Water cleaner Aquaphor RO-203.
     Water Purifier RO-203 is made by "Aquaphor" (St. Petersburg, Russia). RO-203 is made for water drinking purification from mechanical and colloid particles, organic impurities, as well as for mineralization. RO-203 eliminates extraneous taste, odor and color of the water in terms of municipal and local water supply systems (artesian wells, water wells and so on).
      Action of RO-203 is based on
the transfer of water molecules through a semipermeable membrane by applying pressure, greater than the osmotic. This pressure increases with increasing salinity, so the more water salinity, the higher pressure is necessary for RO-203.
     RO-203 materials are safe, non-toxic and do not emit into the water dangerous to human health and the environment of substances. RO-203 complies with the hygiene requirements.

Technical parameters.
Overall dimensions (length × width × height)                                      405 × 524 × 195 mm 
The minimum pressure of the water network                                      0,2 MPa (2 at)
The pressure of the water network, no more than                              0,63 MPa (6,5 at)
Water temperature                                                                              +5 ... +38°С  
Maximum performance of reverse osmosis membrane                      47,2 l / h
The ratio of the purified water and the water entering the drainage   1:2–1:4
Weight, no more than                                                                          14 kg

1. Case of RO-203. It consists of an upper plate cover, a support, a storage tank and the front panel. In the upper plate is fixed four collectors (for connecting a replaceable filter modules) and electronics-203. The top plate is closed by decorative cover, in the central part of which has an opening for the installation of air conditioning unit module. In the lower part of the housing, the stand is located a pump to increase the water pressure in the RO-203. For you to be able to enjoy clean water at any time and in required quantities RO-203 is equipped with a storage tank for clean water, which is supplied clean water after the membrane modules. In front of RO-203 is decorative panel, which houses the controls.
2. In the structure of the preliminary water treatment unit include removable filter modules K5 and K2. Preliminary water treatment unit is designed to remove contaminants from the water, which can damage the reverse osmosis membrane, such as iron hydroxide and chlorine.
The reverse osmosis membrane unit includes two replaceable membrane modules KO-150.
A reverse osmosis membrane unit purifies the water from organic and inorganic compounds, salts, and water softens.
The water conditioning unit includes mineralizer, and the post filter module, located inside the storage tank for clean water. Conditioning unit removes water from foreign smell and taste, and mineralizes water.
Block of control and display It reflects the current state of the resource modules by means of light and sound signals, and transfers the purifier in different modes of operation. (Modules washing, resetting the resource). On the unit panel has indicator lights and control button. Any press of the button is accompanied by a short beep.