All new Waterboss 800 water softener and iron remover

950.00 €
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AQUAPHOR Softener and water Iron remover
  1. Compact case
  2. Low dispersible sorbent with increased capacity ensures productivity and full of iron, manganese and hardness deletion.
  3. The patented valve own development filter ensures uninterrupted operation throughout the entire service life.
  4. Patented mesh distributor flow evenly distributes the flow of treated water throughout the sorbent volume.
  5. Cap slider for easy access to the salt tank and filter ensure compactness.
  6. Controller with a large information screen.
  7. Bypass valve 
  8. Secure tank from durable glass-filled plastic.
Simultaneous iron removal, hardness and manganese.
Aquaphor Softener and water Iron remover