The granulated salt BROXO (25 kg) - 10 bags x 25 kg (250 kg)

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BROXO 6-15mm - the highest quality salt granules for water softeners.
Salt granules dissolves gradually, preserving its shape and does not form a "porridge" in the salt tank.
Granules of the vacuum salt compressed under the high pressure, contain 99.8% NaCl.

Water softening process, calcium and magnesium salt, which determine the hardness ion-exchange resins exchange the sodium salts are readily soluble in water and to establish any foam on the heating element.
In recovery time, sodium ions displaces the calcium and magnesium ions from the salt solution, who go out drainage, thereby restoring the production capacity of the resin.

Packing: 25kg bag (10 pcs)
Manufacturer: AkzoNobel
Country: Netherlands
Certificates: ISO 9002, all Broxo products comply with Germany's industrial salt standards for water softening (DIN 19604-type 2).