Softener and Iron Removal Ion Exchange Resin (1 kg) - PC002

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PC002 ion exchange resin for softening and deferrization of water.

PC002 resin is a premium acid strong acid gel cation exchange resin with a high exchange capacity. Ion exchange resin is widely used for industrial water treatment, in domestic water treatment systems, and is supplied in Na-form.
Cation exchange resin removes hardness ions (magnesium and calcium) from water, changing them to sodium ions. Immediately at the moment when the capacity of the resin is already exhausted, and the breakthrough of stiffness ions occurs, the resin should be regenerated using a solution of sodium chloride.
Resin PC002 is supplied in the form of spherical granules having a standard particle size distribution. Cation exchanger of this brand is resistant to oxidizing agents, and therefore the conditions for using PC002 resin can be widely varied in technological processes. This significantly distinguishes this product from other analogues.
Also, the quality of the PC002 brand resin is confirmed by the independent international organization “Water Quality Control Association”. The certificate confirms the fact that PC002 cation exchanger does not cause any harm to human health, as well as the environment, and can be used in the preparation of high-quality drinking water
Physical properties:
1. Appearance - translucent spherical grains of dark yellow-brown color
2. The polymer base is styrene divinylbenzene
3. The structure of the matrix is ​​gel
4. The ionic form of commodity anion exchange resin - Na +
5. The grain size is 0.3-1.2 mm
6. Humidity - 43-52%
7. Bulk density:
     a) true - 1.27g / cm3
     b) bulk - 0.77-0.870 g / cm3
9. Full exchange capacity, mEq / ml, not less than 1.9
10. Maximum working temperature - 120 ° C
11. pH range - 0-14
The price is for 1 kilogram!