Sorbent Purolex UltraMix

UltraMix is a modern ion-exchange load, the main purpose of which is complex purification of water from both iron and hardness ions, manganese, and also organic substances.
UltraMix is widely used for cleaning both artesian and tap water.
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UltraMix has found wide application in the process of additional purification of artesian water, as well as the purification of tap water for its softening, demanganization, deironing, as well as reduction of oxidability and chromaticity.
  • UltraMix is ​​a complex product, easy to use, it is also possible to load it into classic softeners;
  • UltraMix is ​​able to replace several conventional filters with one;
  • The use of UltraMix loading allows to provide effective purification from ions of hardness, manganese, iron and organic matter up to 8-10 years;
  • The composition of water in no way affects the efficiency of the work;
  • Tableted salt is used to prepare the regenerating solution;
  • Application in the food industry is possible.