Lateral distribution system for 24" (without pipe, 0,5 mm slot)

Water flow distributors are components of water treatment systems by filtering it on a granular load (sand, activated carbon, ion exchange resin, etc.). Distribution systems are designed to delay the particles of filter material inside the filter housing, prevent them from entering the control valve or leaching into the drainage, as well as for a more uniform water supply to the cleaning system.
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Top and bottom distributors are used in cleaning systems. The upper ones protect the control valve from being clogged by particles of a granular load. The lower ones evenly distribute the flow of water leaving the lifting tube in different directions, and also collect the already filtered water and send it back to the lifting tube.
 Distributors vary in shape, size, diameter and other characteristics that are tailored to the specific requirements of the water treatment system. However, in general, the switchgear is a compact piece made from durable, impact-resistant plastic. In the walls of the distributor housing there are threaded bore holes, as well as a hole through which the device is connected to the water-lifting tube. There are calibrated slots and connecting threads in the housing or the beams (extending to all sides of the side plastic tubes).

As replaceable or additional elements for drainage and distributing devices, pipes, protective baskets, clamps, adapters, plugs, nozzles and other parts that provide the functionality of the device and the water treatment system as a whole are supplied.