Face piping single softener system S-4272 with FRP TANK

MODEL : S-4272
TANK DIMENSIONS (mm): 1075 x 2400
CAPACITY (mch): 32

RESIN (L): 900
QUARTZ(kg): 300

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Dissolved calcium magnesium ions in water cause hardness in water. Water softening systems Akvafors -  are systems that remove Calcium (Ca) and Magnesium (Mg) ions in water that cause hardness. For this reason, the softening system provides the removal of the hardness in the water and the softening of the drinking water, as well as the improvement of the taste of the water.

Softening systems automatically perform regeneration processes on the desired day of the week, at the desired time, without any intervention. The resin that reaches saturation regenerates with salt water and is cleaned from calcium and magnesium ions.

• With WCY brand FRP tank
• Aqualine brand cationic resin
• Maximum operation pressure is 6 bar
• Pneumatically actuated butterfly valves (Optional electrically actuated valves)
• Bottom collector structure is lateral diffuser
• PVC-U material face piping (Epoxy painted skid)
• Sample taps and manometers in the inlet and outlet of the system
• Electronic card or Siemens logo control panel (Optional touch screen )
• Electric 220V /50 Hz / 1 pH
• For 1 lt resin; 150 gr salt consumption is accepted
• Resin capacity 6000 ltFr resin is accepted
• Dry air should be supplied by customer for pneumatically controlled valves. Recommended minimum compressor capacity is 100 Lt/min  8 bar