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UF-RO line of water purfication systems is designed for medium to large enterprises with a variety of clean water applications and strict quality control requirements. UF prefilter protecs RO membrane and prologs uninterrupted supply of permeate before the maintenance is needed. Drainage water is recirculated through the prefiltration cartridges providing effective backwash. The system is assembled on a singe frame, uses TDS meters and pressure controls to monitor performance and service status. System self-service is controlled by the programmable logic controller (PLC).

• Medical
• Scientific
• Industrial
• Food
• HoReCa

UF-RO systems have been proven to work trouble free and unattented in the most challenging applications where traditional RO and other filtration processes require expensive and time-cosuming maintance, Systems are manufactured in EU and in Israel. 
The abundance of high-tech electronics and medical companies, the cost of water and strickt Government regulation have made Israel a highly competitve and innovative market for water purfication. Winter Engineering dominates the commercial segment with more than half of the Israli dialysis centers, hospitals and local Fortune 500 companies' divisions using its RO purifiers.