Wholesale / Our clients

Company Ltd "187" - is the official dealer of water filters Aquaphor in Latvia. We offer different options for wholesale, having a professional technology collaboration, designed for the partners. The company is interested in establishing strong business relationships in all regions of Latvia.

Particular attention is paid to corporate clients, for which special program with a flexible system of discounts.

Wholesale price - the price for wholesale customers prepay. (Price - list can be requested by calling +371 25900189 or by sending an email to the email akvafors@akvafors.lv).

For wholesale customers discounts are cumulative within a calendar month, ie If our esteemed partner in the past month buys goods in excess of the standard (more can be found at the signing of a cooperation agreement), then all purchases for the next month are at a discount.)

Our basic policy of wholesale supply - a very large range, fast service and supply partner product that allows client to receive all the necessary goods quickly. We will always help you earn your money.

We are always looking for new directions to better meet the needs of our customers.

It is also possible to conclude a contract on the sale of goods (terms are negotiated separately with each partner)