UV lamp HB (HE)-480, 1,8 l m3/h 3/4

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Ultraviolet sterilizers are used to disinfect water from viruses and bacteria inside it. An ultraviolet sterilizer is installed directly on the consumption line to avoid re-contamination of the water. This lamp is designed to disinfect water, which, entering through the lower port of the ultraviolet chamber, flows near a powerful mercury lamp protected by a quartz tube. This radiation has a destructive effect on DNA molecules in the cells of microorganisms and bacteria. Water leaving the upper port is fully sterilized and ready for use. Sterilight uses only state-of-the-art technology in the manufacture of ultraviolet lamps. This makes their products efficient and in demand. Disinfection of water with ultraviolet radiation has one indisputable advantage. It does not introduce any additional elements into the water, unlike, for example, chlorination. In addition, the water purified by chlorine acquires an unpleasant taste and smell. When treating water with ultraviolet light, nothing of the kind happens.

Requirements for water supplied to the entrance:

- The concentration of total iron: not more than 0.3 mg / l
- The concentration of hydrogen sulfide: not more than 0.05 mg / l
- Content of suspended solids: not more than 10 mg / l
- Manganese concentration: not more than 0.05 mg / l
- Water hardness: not more than 2.5 mEq / l
If the source water parameters exceed the above values, appropriate preliminary water treatment should be provided.


• Maximum working pressure - 7 bar
• Minimum working pressure 0.35 bar
• Maximum working temperature - no more than 40 oС (it is strictly forbidden to freeze)
• Maximum iron concentration - 0.3 mg / l
• The maximum concentration of manganese is 0.05 mg / l
• The maximum concentration of hydrogen sulfide is 0.05 mg / l
• 230 V 50 Hz
Main components: The UV-sterilizer consists of a metal cylindrical body into which a lamp is placed that emits waves of the ultraviolet spectrum (mainly with a wavelength of 260 nm). The kit includes a power supply.
Note: The UV lamp must be replaced after 8,000 to 9,000 hours of operation (approximately 12 months of continuous use), since after this period the bactericidal radiation efficiency decreases. Productivity 1810 l / h Connection inlet / outlet 3/4 "ext.

Dimensions: 692/109 mm Advantages of UV disinfectants:
  • Connection to any water purification system
  • No need for chemicals
  • Long lamp life
  • Easy to maintain