Replacement filter cartridge Aquaphor B300B, with improved bacteriostatic action

Compact filtre - nozzle for kitchen tap. Provides extra protection from bacteria.
Resorce: 1000l
Filtration speed: 0,3/min
Dimensions: 6,5 x 12,0
Color: blue
Additional options: flexible cranes, transitional bushing which you connect to any cranes.
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Aquaphor B300B (baktericidal) - protect from viruses and bacteria. Due to the unique combination of fibrous and granular sorbents, the filter nozzle on the B300B crane (bactericidal) deeply purifies water, despite its small dimensions. As a bactericidal additive, it contains active ionic silver, dynamically fixed in Aqualene fiber.
Akvafor B300B (bactericidal):
  • Reliably purify water;
  • Contains safe silver to remove bacteria;
  • Replaced with housing;

Sorbcion enviroment of module is carbon block, made from active carbon base and Aqualen fibre. 

Fine treatment and bactericide protection happen because of small pore size and Akvalen fibre.

Due to unique, fibre, sorbcion material Aqualen brand, combine with the best of active carbon brands, removable module B300B reliably detain organic compouds, heavy metals but also the other impurities.

Technical descriptions:
  • Resource: 1000 literes
  • Filtration speed: 0,3/min
  • Dimensions:6,5 x 12,0
Deleted contaminations:
  • The active chlorine 100%,
  • Oil Products 98%,
  • Phenol 99%,
  • Pesticides 95%,
  • heavy metals 98%, 
  • bacterium 98%.