Replacement Carbon block AQUAPHOR B520-12 5mkm

Cleans cold water from impurities
Interferes with formation of rust on plumbing
Removes odor and makes water clear
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Replacement Carbon block Aquaphor Big Blue B520-12 (20 micron) for cold water. Resource: 60 000 litres. Intended for a filter - Big Blue 20. Pre-cleaning of cold plumbing water. The Aquaphor company produces the removable modules for the standard corps of Big Blue, witch are produced abroad. Such filters are used as a highway and serve for pre-cleaning of water. The removable Aquaphor Big Blue modules are made on technology carbon block. Due to it, and also to the use of sorbing-active chelate fibre Aqualen and shallow factions of coconut coal they possess a megascopic resource and turbo speed of filtration unlike the foreign bulk this standart modules.
Working temperature: from + 5 ° to + 30 °
Separate contaminants: insoluble particles in a radius of more than 5 μm residue, active chlorine - 100% organic substances: phenol 98% benzene 98% pesticides (GHTSG) 95% chloroform 98% heavy metals: lead 99% copper 98% cadmium 99% Flange color: blue