Housing of Water Purifier Aquaphor Viking Midi (B150Midi, B515-13, 14)

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Aquaphor Viking is a modern water purifying system based on sorption method, providing superior filtration of active chlorine, organic impurities, heavy metal ions, rust and unpleasant smell. Advantages of the Aquaphor Viking system include high filtration rate, superior efficiency and excellent quality of water purification.
Aquaphor Viking filter housings are manufactured in three sizes. Depending on the cartridge used the system can fulfil different water purifying tasks with various filtration rates and efficiency. Compact design of Mini and Midi models enables them to also be installed in tight conditions. Thanks to the unique wall bracket and quick connector it is easy to replace the cartridge even in difficult to reach places. In designing and manufacturing of Aquaphor multipurpose filtering system the most up-to-date water purification solutions of Aquaphor water specialists have been implemented. Aqualen fibre adsorbents Aqualen is a new generation chelating ion-exchange fibre adsorbent. Thanks to its special design Aqualen reacts with heavy metals ions 780 times better than with calcium and magnesium ions. This means that even very hard water does not obstruct removal of quick-silver, tin, copper and cadmium ions. Dynamic recovery method of silver Unique dynamic recovery method of silver is used in Aquaphor filter mixes. Initially silver is bind in Aqualen in the most active form, i.e. as ions. This enables the bacteriostatic efficiency of the filter to be increased and at the same time its silver content to be reduced. Filtering efficiency Ordinary carbon block has several disadvantages. As carbon is largely water-repellent, it creates channel effects and dead spaces. Due to this filter efficiency may fall down to 50%. Aquaphor active carbon blocks contain Aqualen and thus they are free from mentioned disadvantages. As Aqualen is very water-repellent, such a carbon block may be viewed as a water conducting ion-exchange matrix containing active carbon granules. As a result water flows through the entire filter. Filtering without pressure losses Thanks to Aqualen fibres, which are very water-repellent Aquaphor filter cartridges are characterised by reduced hydrodynamic resistance and increased filtering speed. Such cartridges have excellent water purifying properties with minimum pressure losses.