Aquaphor Crystal Eco Microfiltration

- Three-stage deep water purification with softening.
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The filter of special deep cleaning. It purifies water from harmful impurities, and also provides 100% protection against organic compounds. A hollow-fiber membrane filter protects against bacteria without bactericides. Safe water for children, allergies and the elderly without boiling. Resource: 6000-7000 l

Four-stage water purification with softening:
  • Module K3 - Pre-treatment of water. (5 microns)
  • Module K7B - Microfiltration (0.1 micron)
  • Module K7 - Finishing sorption water purification. (0.8 micron)
Cartridges K3,K7B and K7 change at the same time once a year or according to the resource 6000 - 7000 L

Used CarbFiber Block technologies:

The module is made using carbon block technology from highly efficient granular and fibrous sorption materials.
Ultra-dense fiber carbon block made of powdered activated coconut charcoal.
Modified Fiber Aqualene distributes water streams in a super-dense filter medium to achieve the best cleaning.
Removes residual concentrations of organic impurities and heavy metals. Contains cluster microcrystalline silver as a bactericide.