Cabinet housing LUXE SOFT BARREL 1035 F63P3 1'' Lewatit

Valve: Runxin F63P3
Media Volume: 25 l
Width: 48 cm
Length: 53 cm
Height: 1,13 cm
(In-Out) diametr: 1 "
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375.00 €
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The Runxin Luxe Soft Barrel 1035 system is a compact system for cleaning and softening water. It is used in drinking water supply systems for apartments and cottages. Provides softening of hard water, reducing the amount of scale when using a boiler and extending its service life.
It does not require the use of replaceable cartridges: for regeneration, it is enough to open the top cover on the case and fill in the required amount of salt.
Automatic control, according to the volume of purified water for reduces the cost of salt.
Convenient design solution for saving space: in one case there is a container with a filter load and a tank for regeneration solution.
Easy to install in the shower or in front of the boiler.
All electrical connections are fully protected against moisture.
Compact dimensions allow for quick dismantling and transportation.