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Pitcher water purifier Aquaphor "Garry"
16.50 €  10.99 €

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Name: Aquaphor fontaine

Aquaphor fontaine
535.00 €   399.00 €

The use of skuttlebutt in educational establishments will allow to avoid the intestinal diseases related to the unproper quality of drinking-water in the water system. Also due to application of Aquaphor skuttlebutt the risk of mass infectious diseases goes down to the minimum. The use of water by means of drinkable fountain gives advantage in comparison with ordinary faucet from the point of view of elementary hygiene. Aquaphor fountain Color: light metallic. High-quality and reliable model. Fountain is made from the materials and devices, settled to application by Ministry of health. Corps is executed without acute angles for providing of safety of students. Fountain is executed from food stainless steel. Antivandal execution of corps and faucets. Connected to plumbing. 3 step system of filtration "Crystal" for soft water. Allows to provide with a clean drinking-water without interruption in preschool organizations, general schools, lyceums, gymnasia, schools, Institutions of higher learning.

•Resource: 8000 litres

•Speed of filtration: 2.0 l/min

•Sizes - 315х320х10000 (mm)

•Weight - 16 kg

Aquaphor fontaine-

Replacement Carbon block K3 (5 micron)
11.35 €
Replacement Carbon block Aquaphor Crystal K2 (3 micron)
12.10 €
Replacement Carbon block K7 (0,8 micron)
12.90 €
Replacement Ion-exchange Cartridge Aquaphor Crystal K4 (softening)
14.00 €
Set of Replacement Carbon blocks B510-03-02-07
31.00 €
Replacement Carbon block Aquaphor Crystal K7B
42.00 €