Crystal A (K5-K2-K7)

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Three-module water purification system AQUAPHOR "Crystal A".
Stylish, compact, ultra-modern Crystal filters perfectly and quickly clean the water.
These filters embody innovative solutions that make them the most convenient and ergonomic among stationary sorption systems.

Highly permeable structure with tight pores, low pressure resistance Removes active chlorine, heavy metals, organic compounds, rust and other harmful impurities Cluster microcrystalline silver is imbedded to provide long lasting bactericidal protection.
  • Contains Aqualen;
  • Stylish and ergonomic slim design;
  • When replacing the modules, the consumer's contact with the absorbed pollutants is excluded;
  • Purified water has hypoallergenic and antioxidant properties;
  • Carbon block technology is used;
  • Easy module replacement takes a few seconds;
  • Equipped with a separate tap for drinking water;
  • It consists of a collector to which three plug-in modules are attached;
  • Replacement is carried out by simple turn of the block-module at the pressed button.
The best of our ingenery implemented in filter production.
Aqualen the best
Aqualen is a unique fibrous material created by Aquaphor. As part of the cartridge, it effectively reduces heavy metals such as copper, lead, iron, mercury and radioactive isotopes. Due to its hydrophilic properties, Aqualen fiber facilitates water flow through the cartridge increasing the efficiency of the purification.
Isotropic Adsorption Matrix
IAM technology allows fine purification of each and every drop of water. Acting like the roots of a tree, Aqualen fibers permeate through the cartridge and bond granules of adsorbents into a dense structure. Water is distributed evenly in the cartridge which contributes to more complete purification. In Aquaphor cartridges, due to IAM there are no loose particles that might contribute to formation of pathways through which water can pass without proper treatment.
Dynamic Fixation of Silver
In Aquaphor filters we use an effective and safe method of dealing with the propagation of bacteria. Thanks to DFS technology, ions of active silver are securely fixed to fibers of Aqualen, providing protection from microorganisms. Such use of silver meets European safety standards.
CFB / CarbFiber Block
CFB is a technology used in production of carbon block cartridges using Aqualen fiber. Cartridges produced using this technology are more effective and durable, even in heavily contaminated water..
Click and Turn
Despite the technological complexity, Aquaphor water filters are ergonomic and easy to use. To replace the used cartridges you do not need any special skills or tools. Just push the button and turn the cartridge.
ICM Iterative Computer Modelling
Computer simulation technology ICM contributes to the best choice of materials and design for Aquaphor products. During simulation we test the resilence, durability and other characteristics of the filters which are important in terms of use. For example, ICM allowed DWM to achieve a pressure rating five times greater than required (up to 30 atmospheres).
First filter cartridge K5 - Polypropylene cartridge, pre filtration 5 micron.

Second filter cartridge K2 - Replacement filter for deep purification of drinking water. Reduces all common impurities including chlorine, lead, bacteria and solid particles sized down to 5μm. Replaced with housing, which provides additional protection against bacteria. This filter cartridge has an optimal combination of powder and fibrous sorbents and effectively removes active chlorine, heavy metals and organic compounds. The cartridge is manufactured according to the carbon-block technology as a filter matrix media with a higher content of coconut GAC and ion-exchange fibre Aqualen. As a bactericide the cartridge contains the cluster microcrystalline silver.

Third filter cartridge K7 - Final sorption purification of drinking water. This filter cartridge effectively and completely removes micro-quantities of harmful impurities, including active chlorine, heavy metals, organic compounds and other impurities up to 0.8 microns in size. The cartridge is manufactured according to the carbon-block technology as a super-compact microporous filter matrix media with a higher content of microporous coconut GAC and ion-exchange fibre Aqualen. As a bactericide the cartridge contains the cluster microcrystalline silver.

Tehnical details:
  • Size (H x W x D): 26 x 9 x 34 cm (10.2 x 3.5 x 13.4 inches)
  • Weight: 3 kg (6.5 lb)
  • Filtration rate: 2.5 L/minute (0.66 Gal/minute)
  • Treated/Drained ratio: no drain
  • Tap pressure: does not matter
  • Water temperature: 5–38 °C (41–100 °F)
  • pH after system: 6 - 7
  • Replacement filters: К5, К2, K7
  • Replace: every 12 months
  • Faucet: separate for drinking water
  1. Cartridge K5 - Preliminary water purification
  2. Cartridge K2 - Deep water aftertreatment
  3. Cartridge K7 - Final sorption water treatment
  4. Block of collectors
  5. Connecting tube
  6. Connecting tube with inserted conical sleeve
  7. The connection node
  8. A tap for clean water
  9. Blanket
  10. Key-fork
  11. Manual
  12. Guarantee