Aquaphor APRO HC 20000 Grundfos / / High pressure reverse osmosis with large capacity

Reverse Osmosis product line for consumers with big pure water consumption.
High pressure system.
Productivity is 20000 l / hour.
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Reverse Osmosis product line for consumers with big pure water consumption.

- Equipped with the highest quality components
- Robust construction and easy maintenance
- Modern design and quiet operation
- Built and assembled in EU

• Improved water quality
• Extended membrane life
• Low maintenance operation
• Space saving design
• Quiet operation
• Reduced operational costs

• Various Product Sizes 3000-20000 LPH
• Stainless steel frame and equipment panel
• Stainless steel 316 high pressure piping
• 5 micron pre fi ltration
• Energy saving GE AK-series brackish water high rejection membranes
• Multi-stage centrifugal Grundfos
 stainless steel 316 pump
• Fully equipped electric board with pump protection and soft starter
• Clean-in-Place integrated system
• Grundfos DDE antiscalant dosing pumps
• 100 liter PE antiscalant tank
• FRP side port membrane housings
• Motorized feed valve, product drain valve and fl ush valve
• Stainless steel 316 regulation valves
• MP controller for quality monitoring
• High pressure shutoff
• Double low pressure shutoff
• Permeate conductivity SS 316 sensor
• RAW-water pump control relay
• Permeate tank level monitoring
• Alarms: low inlet pressure, low feed pressure, high permeate conductivity, motor fault, high concentrate pressure

• Supply pumps and storage vessels
• Integrated ABB PLC and color touch screen display with remote control kit
• UF pre-treatment
• Nalco antiscalant