Replacement filter cartridge B100-6

Module B6 (B100-6) cleans tap water from harmful impurities and reduces the formation of limescale in a kettle, multicooker and coffee machine. In hard water, tea and coffee are brewed for a long time and are not aromatic, but broths and other dishes are bland, because due to an excess of minerals, the water poorly “absorbs” the taste of the ingredients.
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Aquaphor B100-6 filter cartridge - Up to 300 L capacity - Removes up to 99% organics, lead, cadmium, active chlorine - Patented enhanced bactericidal additive - Patented built-in air removal valve - Patented built-in cartridge change indicator - Special cartridges for soft and very hard water (B100-6 and B100-7) are available Aquaphor Pitcher Filters are superior in comparison to all state of the art gravity down flow pitcher filters due to a combination of several major improvements: When water contacts adsorbents, for example, granular activated carbon, nitrogen, oxygen and other gases dissolved in water come out in a form of gas bubbles attached to the adsorbing particles. It is a significant hindrance in the traditional pitcher filters, because gas bubbles increase in size, block parts of filtration media, cause water channelling and reduce filtration quality. The novel inlet valve in the Pitcher filter cartridge automatically removes gas bubbles while letting water flow unhindered into the filter cartridge. The Aquaphor Pitcher Filter uses a patented mixture of fine mesh granular coconut shell activated carbon, ion-exchange resins and fibrous adsorbents. Adsorbent media in the Aquaphor pitcher filter cartridge hasan outer surface area that is at least 20 times larger and, respectively, provides a higher speed of filtration than the granular adsorbent media in the traditional pitcher filter. Revolutionary approach to microbiological contamination. The novel silver bactericidal additive and bactericidal activated fibre (patents issued and pending) provide bacteriostatic protection. The novel combination of food grade ion-exchange adsorbents effectively softens hard water. When the same B100-5 cartridges filter soft water, healthy calcium and magnesium ions are not removed. The built-in cartridge change indicator tells you when to change the filter cartridge.

This can be used for AQUPHOR water pitchers:
  • Art
  • Gratis
  • Garry
  • Prestige
  • Provance
Sorbion enviroment of modul is carbonbloc, which are based on  activated carbon granules. 

Fine treatment and microbicide protection is carried out through small pore size and active silver ions, which modifed with Aqualen fiber.
By using unique fiber sorption materials of brand Aqualen, in combination with the best brends of activated carbons, replaceable module B 100-6 reliably and irrevocably detain not only organic compounds and heavy metals, but also the other types of contaminants.

Sorpcion mix of carbon filter(from left side) and AQUAPHOR filtr (from right side).

To suppress growth of bacteria are used modification of Aqualen fibre containing fixed in matrix silver ions. As result, you always have clean water without active chlorine residues, organic impurity with good smell and taste.

Technical specifications:
  • Productivity: 0.2l/min
  • Resource 300l
Removable polution:
  • Active chlorine 100%
  • Oil products 99%
  • Fenol 99%
  • Pesticide 95%
  • Heavy metal 98%