Control valve Runxin F56D1

Runxin F56D1 manual control valve is designed to work on non-reactant iron removers, carbon filters and clarifying filters. Valve capacity up to 10 m3/h.
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102.00 €
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Runxin F56D1 low cost manual control valve with metal handle is designed for non-reagent wash filters. Used in industrial water treatment systems, high performance. It has three job positions: service mode (working), backwash mode, direct flushing mode.
It is used in water filtration / iron removal systems.
Simple and reliable valve, has a disk design, during washing the exit from the filter is closed. Does not require a network connection. The frequency of flushing depends on the quality of the source water, the size of the filter and the nature of the water consumption.

Technical specifications:
  • Manufacturer: Runxin;
  • Model: F56D1;
  • Case Material: Noril;
  • Diameter for connection (in / out), inch: 2 ;;
  • Diameter of drainage, in: 1.5;
  • Diameter of water pipe, inch: 1.05;
  • Diameter of a landing carving, inch: 4;
  • Nominal water consumption, m3 / h: 10;
  • Controller: Manual control;
  • The range of used cases, inch: 14-24;
  • Operating temperature, degrees Celsius: 4-45;
  • Working pressure, bar: 1-6.