Aquaphor Crystal H (softening)

Aquaphor Crystall H is a universal filter for deep purification of drinking water + softening
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Three-modular water purification system with softening AQUAPHOR "Crystal H"

Crystal H filter reliably protects against impurities that are most often found in tap water. The KH cartridge reduces the hardness of the water and prevents the formation of scale in the kettle.
filtration rate is 2 liters per minute: you get a glass of perfectly clean water in 10 seconds.
Crystal H is suitable for medium water hardness (not higher than 5 mgq / liter).

Please note: If, without using a filter, scum in the kettle appears after a few days - you have high hardness water (!). This means that it will be necessary to change or regenerate softening modules too often (once in 2-4 weeks). In this case, it is more profitable for you to use reverse osmosis filters - they completely remove the excess hardness salts, protect the equipment from scale, and your drinks and food from outside taste. Cartridges are changed every six months and once a year.

The first K3 module is designed for preliminary water purification (reduces the content of active chlorine, heavy metals and organic substances; due to the high hydrophilicity of the material and the labyrinth structure of pores, it effectively filters insoluble impurities up to 5 microns in size, including iron hydroxide).
The second module KH is designed for water softening. Contains ion exchange resin.
The third module K7 is designed for the final sorption purification and conditioning of drinking water (completely removes even trace amounts
harmful impurities, including active chlorine, heavy metals and organic substances, effectively filters insoluble impurities up to 0.8 microns in size).

Cartridges K3 and K7 change at the same time once a year or according to the resource 6000l, KH (softening) depending on the hardness of your water.

Used CarbFiber Block technologies:

The module is made using carbon block technology from highly efficient granular and fibrous sorption materials.
Ultra-dense fiber carbon block made of powdered activated coconut charcoal.
Modified Fiber Aqualene distributes water streams in a super-dense filter medium to achieve the best cleaning.
Removes residual concentrations of organic impurities and heavy metals. Contains cluster microcrystalline silver as a bactericide.

  1. Module K3
  2. Module KH
  3. Module K7
  4. Block collectors.
  5. Connecting tube
  6. Connecting tube with inserted conical sleeve.
  7. Connection node
  8. Water tap for clean water.
  9. Stub.
  10. The key is a fork.
  11. Manual.
  12. Warranty