Aeration equipment 2472 Runxim with compressor and counter

In order to effectively operate the aeration system, the following conditions are needed:
• the maximum water pressure should be 6.0 atm .;
• the minimum water pressure should be 2.0 atm .;
• humidity does not exceed 70%;
• temperature ranges from + 2 to 35 degrees C;
• lack of influence of direct sunshine;
• eliminates the installation of a vacuum inside the filter housing.
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Aeration process, water purification by aeration
Often water treatment systems with the deferrization function are equipped with additional aeration columns. They are used as contact chambers in which the process of oxygenation of water is carried out. Due to this, manganese and iron contained in water are oxidized, and the gases dissolved in this water are displaced.

Aeration device
The aeration columns consist of a compressor, a separation tank, a water flow sensor and an excess gas removal device. The air mixture penetrates inside the column using a compressor.
Air bubbles penetrate through the liquid layers, then the excess air bleeds off the air valve. Thus, the natural oxygenation of water is realized. Aeration columns can be used independently or as part of various water purification systems.

Benefits of using aeration columns
Efficient and simple way to deironing water
The basis of iron removal and water purification is the aeration process, it does not require the use of additional reagents. Getting into the capacity of the aeration column, oxygen oxidizes manganese and iron, displaces dissolved gases (for example, hydrogen sulfide) from water.

High performance
The saturation of water by means of an aeration column with oxygen is the most efficient method, since The process of aeration of water does not depend on the pressure in the water supply network. Thanks to the water flow sensor, the compressor starts even with low water consumption.

Ease of maintenance
Aeration columns, aeration units do not have inside the filter material, so they do not need periodic washing.