Control valve Runxin F63C3 (Down flow) 4,5m3/h

The automatic valve of management Runxin F63C3 with the timer is intended for zasypny filters of water purification. It helps to coordinate and control the work of household and commercial complexes of cleaning and water treatment equipment. It is used in water softening systems.
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155.00 €
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The Runxin F63C3 control valve consists of a body, a control unit for all processes, as well as a variety of outlets: source water, purified water, drainage, reagent line. Installation on the top of the 6 "-18" housings is carried out using a 2 1/2 "external thread. To adjust the control valve, there are 4 buttons on the front panel, as well as an LCD display.​
This control valve provides for top-down regeneration through the flow rate thanks to the integrated water meter. Through cleaning a certain volume of water, the valve automatically switches to regeneration mode. Also, the regeneration process can be postponed. Regeneration is a process aimed at restoring the filtering characteristics of the filler, which, depending on the volume and quality of water, loses them over time.

Features Runxin F63C3:
  • The use of high-quality ceramics ensures the prevention of scale formation, reliable corrosion resistance and protection from leakage;
  • Keylock function (if not used for one minute, the keyboard is automatically locked);
  • It helps to avoid incorrect operation of the product (to unlock it, just press a certain key combination);
  • The color LED screen shows the device status (operating and regeneration modes)
  • The ability to connect the output signal with a boosting pump, solenoid valve and other equipment;
  • Regeneration of the system can continue repeatedly, it is possible to set the number of backwash depending on the turbidity of the water.